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Friday, February 24, 2006

Success of a mathematical theory ...

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Professor R. Brown,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Wales, Bangor,
Dean Street,
Gwynedd LL57 1UT

His thought is that if a mathematical or philosophical theory need to succeed, then it should fall into one or some or all of the following points...

Now read on.. the points are,
  • A range of new algebraic structures, with new applications and new results in traditional areas.
  • New viewpoints on classical material.
  • Better understanding, from a higher dimensional viewpoint, of some phenomena in group theory.
  • New computations with these objects, and hence also in the areas in which they apply.
  • New algebraic understanding of the structure of certain geometric situations.
  • A stimulus to new ideas in related areas.
  • A range of unexplored ideas and potential applications.
  • The solution of some classical famous problems.
Ronald Brown wrote some excellent expository pieces advocating the use of groupoids, esp the ever interesting Higher-Dimensional-Algebra... Which has some good points for philosophers to mull over...!!

Worried thinking what is this higher dimensional algebra..?
Find a small intro here:: http://www.bangor.ac.uk/%7Emas010/hdaweb2.htm

We will discuss this in detail later..!
I am an extremist..!!
Ah.. that means..
We will talk about the
most advanced and the
most basic
in science,
in mathematics, and
in philosophy
in and out
in this
The above snippet is not a peom.. just because it is written to give you a feeling that it may be..! What makes a poem..? Structure? Rhythm of words...? some different grammatical thing..?

If you are asked to write an artilce on " What makes a poem?", what all you will write..? :-)

Thinking much and getting pissed off..? All Illusions and delusions in mind..?
We will discuss that in one of the srticles.. don't worry..!!